Hack Day Paris: Connected TV

Re-define TV.
October 19-21, 2012
Television /ˈteləˌviZHən/ noun (TV) : a telecommunication medium for transmitting and receiving moving images, with or without accompanying sound.

Don't you think it's time to put a new definition on Television?

After the success of our 2011 event, we decided that it was time to make it happen again in 2012, this time centered around hacking the television (using web, native or any technology available to us).
Hack Day Paris: Connected TV is a 40-hour marathon of hyper-intensive design and development followed by a lighting round of presentations and demos. The result is the exchange of ideas, community, and invention not realized during the normal pace of work and play.

Check out pictures, videos and the hacks on the Hacks page.

The Event

The event will take place at Le Camping in Le Palais Brongniart (the former Paris Stock Exchange) starting the evening of Friday, October 19, 2012 where individuals and self-organized teams will begin their projects and the competition.
You can use any API, SDK or technology you want, nothing is imposed. Smart TV devices of different brands will be accessible to participants.


Entry for the weekend is free and includes food, drink, and snacks throughout the competition. Get more information on the Event Details page. Registration are now open.

Grand Prize

€1000. In your pocket. To the team or individual who creates and demoes the most brilliant hack around the given theme, as determined by our esteemed panel of judges. In addition, Google is also adding one Google TV box for every participant of the winning team.


Eric Scherer

Eric Scherer

Eric Scherer is Director of Future Media at France Televisions, in charge of digital strategy and Connected TV. He has spent his career working for Agence France-Presse, Reuters and AFX News in a wide range of functions spanning journalism, management, business development, strategy and new media in locations across the globe including Japan, North America and the UK.
He blogs at meta-media.fr about his favourite subject: all aspects of the digital revolution and how media industries should adapt and surf the accelerating pace of change. He teaches entrepreneurial journalism at Sciences Po in Paris, is a regular speaker at conferences in Europe, and is the author of a glossary La Révolution Numérique (Dalloz 2009), and Do We Still Need Journalists? (PUF 2011).

Roxanne Varza

Roxanne Varza

Roxanne Varza currently runs some of the startup-related initiatives at Microsoft. Prior to Microsoft she worked for several European startups and was the former Editor of TechCrunch France (2010-2011). She also co-founded the French and British chapters of Girls in Tech and is the co-organizer of the Failcon Paris conference.
She has spoken, moderated, mentored and judged numerous startup events and programs throughout Europe and also helps European startups with content and communications. Roxanne has an Bachelor’s degree from UCLA and Master’s degrees from Sciences Po Paris and the London School of Economics.

Frederic Jacobs & Amos Wenger

Frederic Jacobs

Frederic is co-founder of movies.io. He moved to Switzerland from Belgium to study Computer Science at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) where he met Amos Wenger, his co-founder. He does also work at Storify on the side. Storify helps its users tell stories by curating social media.

Amos Wenger

Amos is the other half of movies.io. Interested in peer-to-peer technologies, he's led a BitTorrent implementation project at EPFL, and is still studying computer science there. In a previous life, he used to work for the music start-up official.fm, and co-wrote an MP3 decoder in JavaScript. In his spare time, he likes to implement new programming languages and participate to the Ludum Dare game programming jam.

Olivier Ezratty

Olivier Ezratty

Olivier Ezratty is a freelance digital media strategy consultant specialized in digital television, helping startups and large organizations shape their solution, ecosystem and business strategies. He is involved in many startup and innovation communities: teaching, coaching and doing startups due diligences for investors, and also working with corporations in the telecom and media industry sectors. He shares his in-depth industry analysis and creative common licenced reports on his blog "Opinions Libres" (free opinions, http://www.oezratty.net) including a Digital Economy Startup Guide (16th edition) and a thorough 240+ pages report on the Consumer Electronics Show every year since 2006.

Michel Lévy-Provençal

Michel Lévy-Provençal

Michel Lévy-Provençal is one of the founders of the information website Rue89 and was digital director of France 24 from 2007 to 2010.
Michel founded the TEDxParis conference in 2009. He is the founder and CEO of Joshfire. A company that provides content and brand experience solutions for the web, mobile, tablet, TV and connected objects.


Our generous sponsors help us make sure there is enough food, wifi, devices, space & prizes for everyone.

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Featured APIs

France télévisions

France Télévisions

Pluzz API

Access the whole Pluzz catalog. Pluzz is the Video On Demand portal of France Télévisions.

TV Guide API

Get the detailed grid of the television programs for all France Télévisions channels. Get details about past, current and upcoming programs.



Mesagraph unlocks the value of social media to help organizations and individuals make faster, better decisions. Mesagraph is a real-time search and discovery platform for social media. Its Web-based application, Meaningly allows to gain meaningful insights from Twitter.



Moodstocks built the smartest scanner for mobile devices. It recognizes both barcodes and images, in real-time. And even works off-line!



Integrate video creation into your apps. Stupeflix' powerful API turns feeds into libraries of videos on the fly.



The movies.io API allows to search and look up movies based on a text query or its movies.io identifier. The API will return: basic metadata, artwork, a YouTube trailer, IMDB identifier and available torrents.

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