Event Details

Here's everything you need to know throughout the event.

Enter The Hack

There is a single guiding rule for all entries into the Hack Day competition:

All hacks must be something new created since the start of the event on Friday and by any team of 1-4 registered attendees.

As well please note the following:


Registration begins at 6pm at Le Camping, located in Le Palais Brongniart (the former Paris Stock Exchange). Make sure to get there before we kick things off at 7pm!

The Palais Brongniart

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Entry during the weekend

Important: During the day (8am-20pm), entry will be from the main entrance of the Palais Brongniart. However, during the night, entries and exits will be from the maintenance doors of the Palais (at the North side of the building, in front of La Poste). To enter from this side, ring the bell and ask for "Le Camping" or "Hack Day Paris". When you leave using this exit, please to it in groups, not individually.
Le Camping is located at the third floor of the palais. Follow the HackDayParis arrows.

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(details subject to hacking)

Friday, October 19

6:00 pmDoors open, registration begins. Socialize, for a team, and plan your hack!
7:00 pmWelcome, Rules, Logistics, Questions…
8:00 pmOpen mic & pitch rapid fire
8:30 pmPizzas!

Saturday, October 20

10:00 amBreakfast
1:00 pmLunch
2:00 pmTeam mentoring
8:00 pmDinner

Sunday, October 21

11 pmBrunch
2 pmDemos
4 pmWinners announced
6 pmEnd of the event :(



We will check entries. Make sure you are registered, no need to print your tickets, we have your names.
During the event, always wear your HackDayParis badge on you (make sure its visible). You are allowed to come and leave the place when you want (from the maintenance doors).
Visitors are welcomed for the final demos, doors will open to everyone on Sunday 1 pm.


The place will stay open all nights (Friday and Saturday). Unfortunately, we do not provide rooms in Le Camping for you to spend the night in. You are welcomed to stay during the night, but would also advise you to get some good sleep at home if it's something feasible for you.


If you have an emergency or need to contact HDP staff for any reason:

If you have trouble entering the facility or at any time your personal safety is threatened, call Steren at +33 6 84 92 76 24.