Event Details

It's time to get started! Here's everything you need to know throughout the event.


Registration begins at 5pm at Le Comptoir General. Make sure to get there before we kick things off at 7pm!


If you have an emergency or need to contact HDP staff for any reason:

If you have trouble entering the facility or at any time your personal safety is threatened, call Skylar at +33 6 89 25 77 30 or Steren at +33 6 84 92 76 24.


(details subject to hacking)

Friday, November 4

5:00 pmRegistration begins at LCG. Socialize, for a team, and plan your hack!
7:00 pmWelcome, Rules, Questions, Logistics… GO!!!
8:30 pmPizzas!!!

Saturday, November 5

4:00 am Street entry closed until 10am
6:30 amBreakfast / Snacks
10:00 amParticipant and general entry reopens at LCG
Noon3scale Presentation, Lunch
8:00 pmPotluck Dinner

Sunday, November 6

4:00 amStreet entry closed until 10am
6:30 amBreakfast / Snacks
10:00 amParticipant and general entry reopens at LCG
NoonHACKING ENDS (Buffet Lunch provided)
1-4 pmDemos, Judging, & Prizes

Enter The Hack

There is a single guiding rule for all entries into the Hack Day competition:

All hacks must be something new created since the start of the event on Friday and by any team of 1-4 registered attendees.

As well please note the following:


Judging will start by 1pm on Sunday, November 6.

Demos will be presented in a rapid-fire format using a pre-defined random order and listed online for everyone to see. Each entry will have up to 120 seconds to demo what they have built. This is an international event so please be prepared to present in English. During or after your presentation the judges may ask clarifying questions. We will have multiple demo stations set up for those that need projectors and you will be expected to be ready to present as soon as the demo preceding yours has ended. If we can't find you or you are not ready when your number is up you may not be allowed to present.

Judging will take place in the classroom space at Le Comptoir General and will be open to the public. We are also inviting members of the press. Capacity for the final judging is limited at about 200 people, including participants. Invite your friends & family.


Grand Prize

€1500. In your pocket. To the team or individual who creates the most brilliant hack, as determined by our esteemed panel of judges.

HackStars Fellowship

TechStars Boston will also select one or more qualifying winners* at Hack Day Paris to be a part of their HackStars program in Boston. Winners will be paid $6000 (just like the founders) while spending 3-months working alongside some of the hottest new startups, learning as they learn, taking advantage of the incredible mentorship available and building unique bridges to the US.

For more information on the HackStars program, visit the TechStars website.

Social Business Prize

La Ruche and Danone Communities will recognize the most innovative solution to a social, ethical, or environmental problem. The winner will be offered a 6 month co-working residence at La Ruche for one person (or the equivalent for a participating team), an opportunity valued at €2700, as well as other goodies from the sponsors.

As defined by Muhammud Yunus and the Grameen Creative Lab, a social business is one whose objective is to overcome poverty, or one or more problems (such as education, health, technology access, and environment) which threaten people and society rather than focusing on profit maximization. We’re excited to see how teams you’ll employ technology & your creativity to create new solutions to the challenges facing humanity!

Viadeo API Prize

Professional social network Viadeo invites you to design your project on the Viadeo API and create new personalized and social user experiences. The best one will be awarded a ticket to LeWeb'11, #1 Internet European Event. Feel free to take a look before coming at the Viadeo Developer website and request your API key: http://dev.viadeo.com/. Fred will be your Viadeo API mentor and will be there on Friday to answer all your questions.

May the best Viadeo api project win!

3scale Mashup Prize

3scale encourages you to build an App using as many APIs as possible. The winning team or developer will win $1,080 worth of 3scale's API Management Platform services for the API of their choice.

Apps will be judged based on the following criteria:

Good luck!


We'll be updating this space throughout the weekend with details pertaining to the the event space provided by our hosts, La Ruche and Le Comptoir General

Hack Day HQ

This is your one-stop shop for any problems you may run into during Hack Day Paris. HQ is located in La Ruche. Check for signs to point you in the right direction.


  • There are 3 main WiFi stations in La Ruche and 1 in Le Comptoir General. Passwords are posted in the nearby areas. All stations have a 15Mb downlink and limited uplink. In order to have a successful event we ask that you limit your Internet usage to what is required by your project. This means no torrenting, music or video streaming, or large downloads or uplaods not related to your project.
  • We have two special uplinks reserved as a backup - Upload1 and Upload2. Please visit HDP HQ if you have large upload requirement or are having any bandwidth or connectivity issues.

Participant Agreement


General principles

  1. I am participating in the HDP which is an event that encourages positive spirit and pushing ones’ limits for the better. I do not intend to cause any harm neither to any participant, nor to the space nor to IT security.
  2. I am La Ruche’s guest, and I make sure I take care of this work space.
  3. I can access work stations and shared spaces (kitchen, boutique, restrooms,...) but not private equipment (phones, printers, lockers, etc...)
  4. I will respect all guidelines that will allow any participant to benefit from a stable Internet connection at all times.
  5. The Staff will help me to make the best out of this experience and to make this a great moment for everyone.

Practical rules

  1. I will wear my HDP badge at all times, and present it when asked.
  2. I am following the flow of events and important moments thanks to the information displayed at the 2 HDP Headquarters
  3. I can go in and out of the Comptoir Général until 4am.
  4. If I leave La Ruche and Le Comptoir Général after 4am, I can come back only at 10 am.
  5. I cannot invite people into La Ruche unless they are holding a HDP badge and are listed on the participant list available at the HDP Headquarters.


Les règles de principe

  1. Je participe au HDP, un événement positif et encourageant le dépassement de soi, et n’envisage aucune action malveillante vis-à-vis des autres participants, de l’espace physique et de la sécurité informatique du lieu.
  2. Je suis accueilli à La Ruche, espace de travail et de vie, j’en prends soin.
  3. J’ai accès aux plans de travail et aux espaces de vie (cuisine, boutique, toilettes,…) hors téléphones, imprimantes, casiers,…
  4. Je respecte les consignes qui permettent à tout participant de bénéficier d’un internet stable à tout moment.
  5. Une équipe Staff m’accompagne pour faire de cet événement une expérience agréable et pour laquelle je garderai un bon souvenir.

Les règles d’organisation

  1. Je porte mon badge à tout moment.
  2. Je m’informe de tout ce qui ce passe grâce aux panneaux d’affichages mis en place devant les 2 QG Staff.
  3. Je peux sortir et entrer par le Comptoir Général jusqu’à 4h.
  4. Si je sors de La Ruche après 4h, la sortie est définitive, et je reviens par le comptoir général à partir de 10h du matin.
  5. Je ne dois pas faire entrer des personnes sans badge et non enregistrées dans l’espace de La Ruche.